So, three shots of the kitchen.  This room is usually semi-clean.  There are dishes in the sink on a normal day, but the counters are relatively clear.  Today, on the other hand, there are wedding presents all over the place, waiting for their turn in the dishwasher.

In this shot, a soup tureen wonders where it's going to live for the rest of its life.  Hopefully, not next to the Crock Pot, who has a tendency to start things with the fridge.

We had to get a new oven after I cooked a mouse in our old one.  Actually, come to find out there were nine dead mice behind the old oven.  That's what happens when a country house is left vacant for months.

Small appliance central.  My houseplants plot to take over.

What's been done: stripped the wallpaper, painted, replaced the oven, replaced the light fixture, new cabinet hardware.

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