The living room is my favorite room in the house.  I try to keep it clean most of the time, but sometimes I fail because it's so easy just to curl up and nest instead of cleaning.

Here's the television.  When the big pot of pine branches and poinsettias isn't perched on top, you can usually see some of my fairy statues and a big wooden dragon.  The lamp was a gift from Dr. Mom.  I love lamps with stained glass shades, as you will soon see all too well.

The couch and love seat, and our coffee table, covered with debris from the wedding like the guest book and marriage license.  Another stained glass lamp in the corner (part of a set from my mom).

My reading nook, aka The Cats Entertainment Center, as the windows look out on the bird feeders.  The stack of books on the table is currently all Richard Bach (Biplane, Nothing By Chance, One, The Bridge Across Forever, Running From Safety).  The other stained glass lamp from the set from my mom perches on the table.  I love my reading nook.

A panoramic view.  The lamp in the foreground is destined for our bedroom, but it hasn't made it up the stairs yet.

What's been done:  stripped the wallpaper, painted.

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