The office is still paneled in all its ugly glory.  Eventually, this will be the kids room, if we have a kid.  But for now, it's the office.  When I get lonely, and I can't find my husband or my roommate, I head here, and they are usually hard at play on their computers.

My computer, which is showing Everquest 2 in this picture.  You may be able to see The World's Worst Web Cam and my new uber docking station for The World's Awesomest Digital Camera.

Chris's computer, where he is not.  Instead, he was sleeping when I took this.  Chris plays with Slinky and likes MSU.

The Man's computer, with The Man.  Note the high class blanket/curtain behind him.  This room has western exposure and no real curtains, so we have to improvise.

What's been done:  nothing, other than putting three computers inside.

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